Why localize?

Most people in the Norwegian computer business acknowledge the importance of having software products translated if they are to be successfully marketed in Norway. To make full use of their purchase, Norwegian users are willing to pay slightly more for software and documentation that they fully understand.

What they are willing to pay for, however, is a Norwegian version that matches the original version in terms of quality. Regrettably, this is not always what they get.

The Scandinavian software market is limited, and consequently the localization costs tend to be out of proportion with expected sales. Software manufacturers may be forced to make use of unqualified translators, leaving the finished product inferior to the original. This is of course as unsatisfactory to the manufacturers as to their customers.

Our solution

At Datadokumentasjon we feel that Norwegian software users are entitled to tools that function as smoothly and flawlessly as do the original versions.

Through many years of localizing software products, we have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience. We use well-tested, effective methods of software and documentation translation, quality assurance and production. We keep our administrative costs at a minimum, our main concerns being the quality of our tools, our staff and the finished product.