Computer Associates Norway/Denmark/Sweden: CA-SuperProject 2.0/2.1 for DOS, and 2.0/3.0/4.0 for Windows, PRINSIX 2.0/3.0 for Windows (Norwegian Defence adaptation of CA-SuperProject), CA-Textor 6.0 for Windows, CA-UpToDate for Mac/Windows

WinLink AS, Norway: WinLink 3.0 English localization, WinLink 95/6.0 documentation updates and Norwegian localization, doc and help file development for WinLink NFC, WinLink SecurePrint, WinLink Print System

Motorola Norway AS: Advertising material, product information leaflets (mobile phones)

SevenMountains Software, Norway: Development of online and printed documentation for 7M Integrate and 7M ASPire.

Some of the localization houses which have made use of our services:

Accent Language Service, Sweden Locatech GmbH, Germany
Adoma AB, Sweden Pasanet Oy, Finland
CrossGap S.r.l., Italy Prolangs, Inc., Korea
Dtech Translation A/S, Denmark STAR Deutschland GmbH, Germany
Explicon AB, Sweden Telelingua, France
Jonckers, Belgium Welocalize, USA
LionBridge Technologies, Inc., offices worldwide Xtra Translation Services GmbH, Germany

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