Software and docs

Software and documentation (help systems, printed documentation (user manuals, getting started sheets), online documentation and web-based tutorials):

  • Office/productivity applications: office applications: word processing, databases, spreadsheets; groupware; personal planning; project planning; drawing/painting, photo and movie editing. Products from Microsoft, Computer Associates, Novell
  • Networking: middleware, Internet applications, terminal emulators. Products from WinLink, Delrina, Norton
  • Telecommunications: modem and fax tools; phone and PBX systems. Products from Novell, Delrina, Nortel
  • Finance: e-procurement, online financing system, financial contracts. Products from IBX, Transamerica
  • Gaming: childrens games, action adventure, driving, sports and puzzle games. Products from Disney, The Learning Company, LEGO, Tivola Electronic Publishing
  • Hardware: printing systems, scanners, mobile phones, PCs, monitors, digital cameras, TVs, keyboards, pointing devices (joystick, mouse). Products from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Epson, Lexmark, HP, Sony, Heidelberg
  • Various IT: printer drivers; antivirus/disk tools; media centers; media players; business communication systems; customer relationship management tools; call centers; operating systems; programming/development tools. Products from Microsoft, Computer Associates, Nortel, Norton.